Why encode.org?

First game-changing practices in self-organization, like Holacracy, gave us new ways to replace management hierarchy, safely distributing power and authority.

Then came a variety of business techniques and models, like community cooperatives, dynamic equity, and teal breakthroughs, bringing incremental improvements to legal, capital, and people systems.

Now to reap the benefit of fully distributed authority and shifted power, the journey continues.

Value Proposition

We are providing valuable time-saving integrations of proven models, legal rules, and methodologies for fully distributing authority and ownership in a purpose-driven business.

By doing this we are lighting the pathways to replacing employment models with agile and responsive ownership models that foster engagement and entrepreneurial opportunities for all members of an enterprise.

Financial models that facilitate the operational execution of dynamically and equitably accounting for shared risks and rewards.

Legal agreements that encode distributed-authority management and dynamic-equity profit sharing at the legal corporate level.

Social and cultural models of cohesion to integrate individual differences in the new world of inter-personal and operational complexity.

Current Services

When you're ready to become a For-Purpose Enterprise, regardless of where you are in your journey, engaging our services will move you further with increased coherence and stability.

Introductory workshops designed for entrepreneurs, founders, and organizational leaders.

Bootstrapping new ventures to legally encode For-Purpose Enterprise bylaws.

Transitioning existing organizations into legally implementing For-Purpose Enterprise bylaws.

The Difference

We live and breathe the designs and evolutionary tensions behind the world’s leading agile and purpose-driven business models.