Webinar: Upgrading Legal Structures - Encoding the For-Purpose Enterprise

Upgrading Legal Structures - Encoding the For-Purpose Enterprise

Encode.org has pioneered the model of the "For-Purpose Enterprise" and encoded it in real legal structures.

  • How do you encode self-organization and distributed-authority systems like Holacracy® within the legal DNA of a company and why is it important?
  • How do you make distributed authority legally binding with respect to the ownership structure, the investor role, the legal representation of the company and other legal concepts?
  • Which legal form do you choose for your enterprise?

Showing up at Hub Club with ResponsiveOrg Austria

Impact Hub Vienna (map)

Social, legal, and financial frameworks for “purpose-driven"­ orgs

The Responsive Organization is a community-led movement that is built to learn and respond rapidly by optimizing for the open flow of information; encouraging experimentation and learning on rapid cycles; and organizing as a network of employees, customers, and partners motivated by shared purpose. This community is comprised of organizations and individuals who are leading the shift in how companies adapt, learn, and respond to a constantly evolving world.