Upgrading Legal Structures - Encoding the For-Purpose Enterprise

Encode.org has pioneered the model of the "For-Purpose Enterprise" and encoded it in real legal structures.

  • How do you encode self-organization and distributed-authority systems like Holacracy® within the legal DNA of a company and why is it important?
  • How do you make distributed authority legally binding with respect to the ownership structure, the investor role, the legal representation of the company and other legal concepts?
  • Which legal form do you choose for your enterprise?

Encode.org, llc, has pioneered distributed-authority congruent legal agreements, anchored in a U.S. LLC Operating Agreement. There is work in progress to adapt this model to the Dutch, the Austrian, the Swiss, and the German jurisdictions for clients.

The time has come to share what has been done and explore what still needs doing. Come and play with us and bring your expertise to the table of a truly trailblazing endeavor! Find out how to begin transforming some of our most powerful social systems, while keeping the stability and security provided by established legal systems.

Join us in this highly participative online session.

What will we do?

  1. First, encode.org co-founder Tom Thomison presents a brief overview of the main elements of the For-Purpose Enterprise: Organization, Company and Association and their related legal agreements.
  2. Then you are invited to join an open discussion facilitated by encode.org's legal expert. Dr. Jo Aschenbrenner.
  3. Bring your questions, concerns, ideas and feedback to make the For-Purpose Enterprise real in your specific jurisdiction.

Who should attend?

  • Legal professionals from around the globe
  • Anybody interested in the nitty gritty details of marrying systems of self-organization with national corporate law
  • Curious entrepreneurs and Purpose Agents of all sorts

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Participation in this event is free. Please register and we will send you the details.