For-Purpose Legal Structures Webinar

DojoLIVE! - Featuring Thomas Thomison

“Holacracy and Beyond” w/ Tom Thomison and Dennis Wittrock


Insight To Action Leadership Innovation Podcast

By Dawna Jones

Insight to Action podcast features conscious leaders and companies doing things differently toward restoring connection between business and the rest of the world. If you are wondering what the future of work and the world looks like, you will find it here and now.

EP15 - Operationalizing Holacracy with Tom Thomison of

Emerging Future Podcast

By Joel de Jong

Conversations with the curious, compassionate, & courageous co-creators of our desired and emerging future. Learn from personal stories at the intersection of humanity and the environmental, social, and spiritual divides we are facing.  Hear from a wide variety of people: community activists, entrepreneurs, researchers, musicians, chefs, inventors, and more. My hope is that these conversations will encourage us all to look at the world differently, change our patterns of thought, and get out there and engage where our passions meet the world's greatest needs. I hope you enjoy these conversations as much as I enjoyed having them. Your Convener, Joel de Jong

Tom Thomison: Going Beyond Employment. Liberating Purposeful Work