Is your organization feeling the drag of traditional employment structures? Are you looking for viable alternatives to rigid, outdated models of compensation and equity? Do you want to liberate personal and organizational purpose in your workplace?

The For-Purpose Enterprise is a daring new approach to structuring your venture. It is not designed for business as usual. Through many years of launching and experimenting with self-organization models such as Holacracy®, proven methods have emerged to further encode and support the global movement towards purpose-driven work and decentralization of power.

Do you dream of a workplace that integrates intrinsic motivations and extrinsic rewards for everyone, not just a privileged class? Are you still granting autonomy from a power position or are you encoding it legally as an anchor for the whole enterprise? It is time to evolve the Legal, Financial, and Social foundations of business. The opportunity is to sustainably distribute authority and ownership in any purpose-driven entity interested in doing so.

Experience the shift to take self-organization to the next level!


  • Why have self-organizing systems and models like Holacracy® come to play such an important role in helping create a new way to structure businesses?
  • Practical answers to new questions created by self-organization and distributing organizational authority; such as issues around legal structure, ownership, compensation, profit sharing, career paths, and more.
  • Understand real world examples of what it takes to build a For-Purpose Enterprise.
  • Get to know a new type of worker, the Purpose Agent, working, earning, and living in alignment with their personal purpose.
  • Learn about the financial models that facilitate the operational execution of dynamic and equitable accounting of shared risks and rewards.
  • Get introduced to the legal foundations that provide a happy marriage between distributed-authority management and dynamic-equity profit sharing into a corporate legal structure.
  • Sense into social systems that are naturally aligned to help individuals function as whole human beings and integrate a new world of operational and interpersonal complexities.

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