Your business is ready for the leap to decentralized models of ownership and distributing operational authority. You realize you can use evolutionary design models to rapidly adapt to market influences. You want people to have clear pathways to process tensions about the work. You know that when the work is purpose-driven and people are purpose-aligned, everyone wins.


Your venture can now sustainably scale its purpose into the world, utilizing transparent and dynamic governance models. 


Purpose, Wholeness, and Autonomy are quickly becoming baseline expectations by everyone in this new world of work.


Soon you realize the results of the work will seem to be tapping into a new kind of agility and responsiveness.


You're solving for some of the fundamental issues of traditional management hierarchies.


You'll also likely be creating a few large misalignments with other foundational areas of the business. 


Legacy structures and processes will be out of alignment with self-management and distributed-authority modeling.


You're getting rid of bosses and managers, yet the compensation model may still perpetuate an employer/employee divide?


Are you leaving gaps in your agreements where personal power will still be held conventionally?


How can for-purpose investors fairly and equitably account for shared risks and rewards?


The For-Purpose Enterprise is an emerging opportunity to start and build businesses in a way that effectively integrates these new gaps. 


You're also likely Purpose Agents... you realize it is time to evolve the Legal, Organizational, Social, and Financial foundations of business.


You're ready to encode innovative and purpose-driven agreements that "bake in" and legally protect purpose as the bottom line. 


Implementing dynamic-equity asset structures and distributed-authority management models decentralizes power and profits fairly and equitably.


This is an entirely new way to have purpose alignment in your legal agreements, financial models, organizational expectations, as well as diversity and inclusion goals. 


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