You’ve made the leap to self-organization!


The work is now purpose-driven and your organization is scaling with much more agility and responsiveness.


Transparency, wholeness, and autonomy are now baseline expectations.


SO your organization is running with a new operating system

Wait, are some of the previous structures holding the organization back from deeper alignment with self-organizing principles?

Is personal power still held conventionally and hiding out in some areas of the enterprise where "distributed-authority" doesn't yet apply?

Does the compensation model perpetuate an employer/employee divide, or a sense of privileged and under-privileged classes?

How do you align all of the business structures with the distributed-authority model to be able to fully decentralize power in all contexts of an enterprise?

Perhaps it seems daunting to think about upgrading the core templates and foundational structures of your business, but you are asking the right questions!

There is an emerging opportunity to build enterprises in a new way that effectively answers many of these questions, and it is way past due... 

the for-purpose enterprise

It is time to evolve the Financial, Legal, and Social foundations of business.

Using distributed-authority with dynamic-equity fully decentralizes power.

Are you ready to encode new innovative agreements and asset structures?

Explore our purpose to learn more!